Thank you for consider gifting any of these items to help our community.

1) Beautify our Sanctuary - Aron Kodesh - Holy Ark - Can be dedicated in honor of or in memory of a loved one. Cost $5,000. Contact for further information

2) DONATED - Make our adult education - lectures - Hebrew School & other programs be more effective with a projector for visual aid. click here for appropriate projector.

2a) Enrich our minds - Various books for Judaica Library @ Chabad. $36 per book dedication. Can be dedicated in honor of or in memory of a loved one.

3) Provide the juice that the Chabad JEC machine needs. Join our monthly Chai Club by making a monthly automatic recurring donation. Click here , & when filling out the form make sure to click on the "Recurring Donation" at the bottom of the page. The Chai Club currently has $2,200 in monthly income. Our goal is to reach $5,000 monthly. Each and every participant can help us reach our goal, of bringing more stability to the budget at Chabad.
Any amount: $1,800 monthly, $360, $180, $72, or even $18 monthly makes a big difference in the Jewish tomorrow of our community.

4a) DONATED - Time for a new supply! 1 year supply of Coffee for Keurig Coffee maker -

4b) DONATED - Keep us all awake at late night Torah study sessions with a Keurig Coffee maker: click here or here for preferred version.

4c) DONATED - Hot Water Urn

5) DONATED - Preserve the precious moments at Chabad with a Digital video camera.
click here for a good model that meets our needs

6) DONATED - Help the Rabbi be more efficient by purchasing a new, very much needed, Laptop computer - click here or here for approximate specifications needed.

Before you purchase any of these items, please e-mail me, to confirm that the item has not yet been gifted.

Thank you again for your partnership, may the merit of this mitzvah bring upon you Gā€‘d's blessings of good health, abundant nachas and much prosperity.