"Take the Red-Eye Class"


Saturday Night June 8/9 

In preparation for the receiving the Ten Commandments there is an age old custom to spend the night of Shavout in Torah study.

Join our all night studying and discussions with Rabbi and Rebetzin Ehrenreich.

Topics to be studied and discussed:

The Talmud and the Midrash both mention a debate that occurred between the angels and Moses concerning the Torah’s appropriate recipient. The account, however, is rather cryptic. We will discuss an interpretation of the story that applies its lessons to my life and yours.

- The Zohar & Kabbalah teach that Yisrael/Oraitah/Kudsha Brich Hu (Israel, the Torah and G‑d) are all one!
What is the message to and me in the 21st century? 

 Beginning 11:00 PM - Dawn (3:30 AM)

Feel free to come and go as you please

Plenty of Coffee and Refreshments (cheesecake) will be served