2017 -2018


Jewish Art Calendar


Advertising Opportunities.

1/3 Month Ad - Under drawing - (Business Card)

$360 SPECIAL $250
Full Month Banner - Under drawing - ( or 3 Business cards) $1,000
6 Business Card - On Calendar - (alternating months) $1,250 ($250 savings!)

13 Business Card - On Calendar - (all months)

$2,100 ($1,150 savings!)

Empty Box - On Calendar - (60 Available spaces)

6 Empty Box - On Calendar - (alternating months) $486 ($114 savings!)
13 Empty Box - On Calendar - (box each month) $1,000 ($300 savings!)
Corporate Calendar Sponsor (includes creative inclusive package) $5,000
Back Cover $1,800

Inside Front Cover


Shana Tova Listing - Front page $36
*Birthdays, Anniversaries, Yurtzeits $36 each

Order 3 dates - get the 4th free

CLICK HERE for special date form to send us your birthdays, Yartzeits and anniversaries.


Creative ad packages are available! Please contact us for more information.

Please email your ad as a JPEG or TIFF under separate cover to calendar@chabadnyack.org


Terms of Payment

Please invoice me
Please charge my credit card

Credit Card Information
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Expiration mm/yy CVV Security Code

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*A Jewish birthday is a special event in your life.
Special Jewish Birthday Package Available Here!
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